About our Social Enterprise


BeechTree is a non-profit social enterprise that employs individuals with and without brain injury to work in a community-integrated business. Our employees design the artwork displayed on our products and package each order by hand. Everyone who contributes to the social enterprise known as BeechTree is paid using proceeds of sales.

Each year in the United States alone, 2.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury. The leading cause of traumatic brain injury is falls, followed by sports and recreation injuries, and then motor vehicle crashes. Non-traumatic brain injuries can be caused by brain tumors, infections, exposure to toxins, and strokes. Altogether there are 13.5 million Americans living with brain injury.

Brain injuries cause changes in the brain that can uniquely affect thinking, feeling, behavior, and the ability to perform in everyday life. Some common effects of brain injury include:

• Memory impairment
• Difficulty with executive functions, such as planning, problem solving, evaluating
• Loss of fine motor skills, such as tying shoes, writing, typing
• Physical challenges, such as walking, running
• Sensory motor impairments, such as loss of appetite or smell
• Difficulty in communicating


At BeechTree, we place on emphasis on providing our customers with the best skin care products made with love and organic ingredients.








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If you would like to learn more about brain injury please visit the Brain Injury Association of America website 

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